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All advice and quotations are FREE of charge

A full specification of works will be emailed to you within 24 hours of my visit 

Fresh paint can completely transform the appearance of your home, updating it to complement your furniture and tastes. CHRISTY DECORATORS can provide a variety of domestic painting services to homeowners, including interior or exterior painting and sash window painting.

Our services are delivered with minimal disruption to your home life, Painting works are carried out with care, with existing furnishings properly protected before the first brush is lifted and all equipment neatly tidied away when the job is complete. The only trace of us you’ll be left with is the brand new paint.

For us, the work isn’t over until our customers are 100% satisfied. We’ll never leave you in the lurch and will be on hand to fix any unlikely issues which become clear after we’ve left the building.

Christy Decorators provide a top notch service !

I appreciate that due to the current economic climate everyone is having to keep an eye on the purse strings hence why I give a fair , fixed price prior to any painting and decorating works starting.

Throughout the job you will receive updates and my secretary Nikki is always happy to answer any queries you may have.


I rely on repeat business and referrals so of course I believe in looking after my customers .



Christy Decorators painting service in Norwich and Norfolk can provide you with a solution !

Maybe you have just moved into a new home  and want to put your own stamp on it ,maybe you just fancy a new look or have signs of wear and tear.

Whether it be internal or  external painting I can deliver with minimal disruption and painting is always carried out with care and attention to detail.



Your business premises shouldn’t feel cold and clinical. It should be a vibrant, productive environment that you and your employees look forward to coming to. CHRISTY DECORATORS  offer commercial painting services to offices and retail premises that help bring out a company’s ethos in its appearance.

We’re a professional, reliable painting service that works to minimise disruption, maximise affordability and deliver outstanding results. Following a consultation with you, we will present you with be a full and transparent quote that details all labour and materials needed to get your desired results. Everything will be agreed up front, and we will not deviate from that budget without consulting you and confirming it in writing first.

We are experienced and committed to the job at hand, so you can rest assured that we won’t cause unnecessary delays to painting works at your commercial property. Everything on site will be carefully protected before the first pot of paint is opened to prevent damage and spillage, and our equipment will be neatly tidied away at the works’ end.




For landlords, the right paint can be a sound business investment. Whether you’ve got previous tenants moving out and feel like upgrading the property or the current tenants have requested a bit of a spruce, hiring a professional painting service for landlords shows a commitment to maintaining your portfolio and giving your tenants an attractive living space.

CHRISTY DECORATORS have worked with landlords and lettings agents across Norwich and Norfolk to modernise, overhaul or simply uphold standards in the county’s rented accommodation. 

We work closely with landlords to deliver outstanding results with a quick, affordable turnaround and minimal disruption to the new or existing tenants.

Damp Repair




Gloss Work


Re-paint furniture to give a whole new look or colour

Repair Rotten Wood


Clean out gutters and wash down


Colour Advice

A Clean & Tidy service with a smile !

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